Wellness Pet Food is part of a privately-owned company with a history dating back to 1926, almost 100 years! Natural pet food made from real ingredients, which promotes the health and wellbeing of pets, is what we believe in. It is all we have ever made and all we will ever make. At Wellness, we have proven that our delicious natural diets not only pass the taste test with flying colours, but also help promote the very best health in the pets who eat them.

The Wellness difference is not only about the very best natural formulations using the very best natural ingredients, it is also all about scientifically proving our natural products with some of the most exacting standards in the pet food industry to provide unsurpassed nutrition. Rather than rely just on calculations or laboratory analysis, we go above and beyond and have undertaken long-term feeding trials with dogs and cats to assure pet owners that their pet will not only survive but thrive when fed our diets.

Over 24,000 meals of Wellness were fed to cats and dogs over a six month long AAFCO Feeding study, during which time we looked at many, many aspects of health in these animals. These lucky animals helped us to confirm that pets fed Wellness exhibit several scientifically proven health benefits.

We call these the 5 Signs of Wellbeing™ and you'll notice these in your pet when you feed Wellness pet food too.