8 Things We Love About Cats
Maybe it’s their cattitude that makes us want more of them, or maybe it’s because they can be more independent than dogs and are still sweet, furry companions.

Here are 8 things we love about cats:

1-      They’re cute – Big eyes, pointed ears, expressive faces. Silly antics. They bring a smile to your face.

2-      They’re soft and cuddly – When they present their soft bellies for petting, what’s not to like?

3-      They purr – Isn’t it nice when everyone is happy?

4-      They’re independent – Cats operate on their own agenda. You can’t fault them for that and you can’t expect them to follow yours. They require respect and that’s ok.

5-      They make good foot warmers– If they have long fur, it may cover your feet and even if not, their body warmth can keep us warm. Who needs slippers when you have a cat?

6-      They don’t expect walks at dawn…actually, they don’t expect walks at all, though opening and closing the door for them will help you get in some exercise.

7-      They don’t bark at the mailman – They’re mostly quiet. We like quiet.

8-  Cat pictures – From the dawn of photography, humans have taken and shared pictures of our cats. Now we have the internet to share even more cat pictures.

Big or small, short-haired or long, cats have a colorful history. They’ve been royalty – wait, I think they still are – and they’ve been associated with superstitious beliefs. Through it all, they’re our companions.

What’s your favourite thing about cats?