How to Groom Your Cat

Cats are known for being mostly independent and self-sufficient, but they still require their share of tender love and care. They do an impressive job of being self-groomers, but they also need a little help with their beauty routine to keep their fur in great shape and their toenails trimmed. Grooming your cat doesn’t have to be considered a chore; consider it quality time with your pet that has additional benefits! With the proper tools and routine, your cat will enjoy being brushed and groomed and will likely be more sociable as a result.

Start Them Young

If you have a kitten on your hands, it’s best to start grooming them now so that they will grow up to enjoy it. While young kittens do not shed, they will still enjoy being brushed with a very soft brush and they will benefit from the interaction. It’s also a good idea to play with them by touching their paws and massaging their paw pads – this will set the tone for when they are older and need regular manicures.

  • Even if you have adopted an older cat, the same touch and feel routine applies. Some cats may not have been conditioned to certain kinds of human interaction, so it may take them a little longer to feel comfortable with hands-on attention.


Incorporate Grooming into Their Normal Routine

If you want grooming to eventually become a pleasant experience for you and your cat, it is necessary to incorporate it into their routine. Schedule a time once a week for grooming your cat and eventually it will become quality time that both you and your cat will look forward to.

  • Cats with longer hair may require daily brushing to keep their fur from matting, which it can do quickly. It may be beneficial to start slow, though, and work up to daily brushes once your cat has become comfortable with the process.

Invest in Quality Products

The right grooming tools will make all the difference in a pleasant grooming experience for you and your cat. It is definitely worth investing in good, quality products. What grooming tools do you need? Here is a list of products that you may need.

  • Be sure to introduce your cat or kitten to these products slowly, before diving in to using them. Leave them sitting out near some of your cat’s favorite hang-out spots or bring them out while your cat is sitting comfortably in their bed or on your lap.
  • Expose your cat to the tools several times in a relaxed environment before attempting to use them.
  • Consider purchasing a variety of different brushes so that you can experiment and find the one that your cat prefers.

Find the Right Grooming Spot


Ideally, the best place to groom your cat will be the place that your cat feels the most comfortable. So, why not let your cat choose their favorite grooming spot? This may be in her favorite pet bed or even on your lap. However, if you choose to groom your cat on a hard surface like tile or granite, it’s a good idea to put a towel down so that your cat will have a grip and not be sliding around.

Keep Grooming Sessions Short

It isn’t necessary to try to fit everything into one grooming session, and more than likely your cat wouldn’t allow it anyways. Instead of trying to clean her ears, trim her nails and brush her all in one session, break it up and handle different elements on different days. Your cat will certainly appreciate it.

Find a Partner to Help

Cats aren’t too keen on doing things that they don’t want to do. It’s their world and we’re just living in it, remember? So, especially in the beginning, you will likely need a partner to help you keep your cat calm and still during the grooming process. Rather than strictly holding them down, focus on doing things that will help keep the cat calm, like petting them and talking softly to them. Don’t forget to offer your cat treats during and after grooming sessions!