5 Things Your Cat Wants to Say to You

Calling all cat lovers!  Their quirky and loving ways are unlike the characteristics of any other pet that you may have. Cat lovers know that the presence of a cat in their life is irreplaceable by any other pet. Well,  we’re taking a stab at interpreting the complex minds of our furry cat friends and letting you in on some things that your cat has been dying to tell you – if your cat could talk, these are some things that he might say.

“I love you, but I need my space.”

If there is one thing that we know about cats, it’s that they are far less needy than the other pets in the house. They don’t need the constant attention and affections that some pets (ahem, dogs) sometimes need. There are some moments in which they love nothing more than to be curled up right beside you on the couch, and other moments in which they disappear into one of their secret spots and prefer not to be bothered (or found).

“Excuse me, the litter box isn’t going to clean itself.”

I mean, our cats do us the honorable service of basically training themselves to use the bathroom in the appropriate place, without any help from us. So, the least that we can do is keep their litter box clean so that they can continue to make our lives easier. Trust us, there are consequences for not keeping the litter box clean, but the fault will be all your own.

“The dog can stay, but don’t tell him I said that.”

Cats may not want to admit it, but they have a love/hate relationship with the dog of the house. They may act like the dog is the pain of their existence, but there is a love that exists between them deep down. Now, there are exceptions to every rule and sometimes the two pets simply cannot coexist together, but sometimes we think that it’s all just an act. We would be willing to bet that when no one is at home, Fido and Garfield are taking cozy naps together.

“Cats like treats too, you know.”

We’ve all been guilty of it – we go to the store and buy dog treats in five different recipes, but we don’t even venture over to the area where the cat treats are located. I mean, are cat treats even a thing? Well, our cats are here to tell us – yes, cat treats are most definitely a thing. In fact, Wellness offers cat treats in all different recipes and varieties, so give your cat something to purr about and surprise them with a brand new bag of delicious treats. No wonder cats have so much built up resentment towards dogs, right?

“Are you kidding me with that red laser light?!”

Now this is a game that we all have likely played with our cats. The ole laser light on the wall game. This game will send your cat into a complete focused frenzy where all they can think about is capturing that evil red light and destroying everything in their path while doing it. It’s hard to really tell, do our cats love this game or do they hate it? I guess we will never know, but the exercise has got to be good for them, right? So, grab some catnip and a laser light and make sure someone is ready with a camera – this is going to be good.

A Puppy Welcome Basket is a Fun Dog Gift Idea

Have a relative, friend or neighbor that recently welcomed a new pup into their home? What better way to show you care than with a puppy welcome basket?

Chock full of good things puppies love, the new puppy parents will be surprised and delighted by your thoughtful gesture.

Here are some dog gift ideas to include:

  • Puppy Kong – Kongs are great toys because they’re durable and can withstand sharp puppy teeth.  When filled with peanut butter or Wellness treats they can keep him occupied for hours.
  • Squeaky toys—Dogs love squeaky toys.  Plus, they come in cute shapes like bagels or rolled up newspapers.
  • Training pads— When a puppy has to go, he goes.  Help train him with special pads designed to sop up the mess.
  • Puppy toothbrush and toothpaste –  Banish puppy breath by keeping a clean mouth!
  • Shirt/collar/leash of parent’s favorite sports team  – Imagine how delighted they’ll be when Max shares this allegiance.
  • An assortment of Wellness® products (of course!) including an array of Dry and Wet Food great taste and all Natural! We do more than make pet food. We create Wellness.™

What are your favorite dog gift ideas for a puppy welcome basket?  We’d love to hear your suggestions on our Facebook Page!